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2018   Fr. 19, Sa. 20 & Su. 21 October, 14h - 19h : Buren bij Kunstenaars
      Keizerstraat 4, 8790 Waregem, in own workshop
2017   Fr. 20th, Sa. 21st & Su. 22nd October, 14h - 19 h : Buren bij Kunstenaars
      Keizerstraat 4, 8790 Waregem, in own workshop
  July 9th-September 10th 2017 : Lijsternest Ingooigem
  July 9th-July 30th 2017 : Vichte, Kunstzomer Leiestreek
  June 26th 2017 : inauguration of monument for donors in the gardens of Kulak
2013   8-12 till 28-02-2014 ‘Di Coylde’ Beernem (Flanders Belgium)
2011 Participation EXPO LOGO, Huis van het Beeld / Seed Factory BXL
Edition book MONUMENTS in Kortrijk by photografer Danny Veys 76 pictuers, 2xLuche
2010 Cut/Copy/carve in Academie St. Niklaas
2009 Ewhibition Knokke
Biënnale Classica ‘Dit is geen textiel’ in Kortrijk
The master and his pupils on the occasion of 250 years Royal academie of the arts in Kortrijk
2008 Neighbors by artist
Jean-Luc Verpoucke and his pupils in De dwarsschuur Wevelgem
2005 Open Door Event Waregem Koerse
Art in progress Exhibition City Hall of Damme
2004 Knoflook in Heule
2003 Beeld Oppervlak, Solo exhibition in the Roman Chapel in Vichte
Sculpture Heist-op-den-Berg
2001 Fourth Open Door Event Waregem Koerse
2000 In House - Out House org. Arta Eernegem
Mullem "Cultuurproject 2000" with 3 sisters
Third Open Door Event Waregem Koerse
"Sculptura 2000" Group Exhibition Rumbeke
1999 Second Open Door Event Waregem Koerse
'DNTLHE' Group exhibition Kortrijk
1998 First Open Door Event Waregem Koerse
First "solo exhibition" at The Royal Academy of Kortrijk
1995 Bacop Waregem
Opening new Bank offices, also collages of my sister Marijke
1992 Passage : Hommage to father Marcel Van Calbergh, painter "Marc Nagel" with 3 sisters


artistic cv

2006-13 Stonecarving Royal Academie of Kortrijk
2013 Selection ‘Kleinsculptuur’ Heist Op Den Berg
realisation of the tombe of Jacques Lievens
2012 realsation of the tombe of my father Marcel Van Calbergh
2011 opening gallery in the house
2007 Sculpture for the new building of 'Helpt Elkander', social building company, Waregem
2006 Concept / design of monument for theater group Kortrijk
opening workshop
2005 Design of monument for theater group
Workshop Saori Sankt-vith
Design and realisation 'the couple'
2005-2004 Course "fine jewellery art" in St Niklaas Belgium
2004 Concept and realisation of private assignment "Fountain"
2003 3th price "Competition Sculpture" Heist op den Berg, Belgium
Creation of 7 blue-stones for the exhibition in Vichte
In the name of God , four panels (mixed media)
2002 Bronze portret of William Deroose
2001 Workshop bronze-casting in Bulgaria
Workshop Saori Osaka Japan
2000 Acquisition of "African Queen" by my home town
1999 Acquisition of "Kringloop" by the city of Kortrijk
1998 Finalisation of studies, high distinction and Gold Medall awarded by the city of Kortrijk
Bronze portret of Alfred Leroy
Rotary Kortrijk "first prize" award
1996 Acquisition "Sferen" by the city of Kortrijk
1995 First prize "Imaginated Floralien" Ghent (e.g. jury J.Hoet)
1993 Selected for the 11th "Festival des Arts" of the city of Mouscron
1990-1998 Academy of Kortrijk, course of sculpture by Jean-Luc Verpoucke
1990 Bronze portret of Father
1989 Artistic course by Emile Uytterhoeven
Before 1989 - Creative education with disabled people
- design for fabric printing (3 years) School of Arts Bruges
° 24-12-1949


about my work

The most important activity during our lives is "moving things". People are constantly moving food, material, ideas, people and some time later, repositions those elements into new shapes, forms, ideas, environment...

Thus is my concept of "art"... On the move, transportable, displacable, replacable, transposable, transferable, translatable, carrying...
Rough stones, I dismantle the unneeded parts, the excess of weight and use these parts I create new volumes, new forms (see "Complementariteit")...
Tubes become drawings, designs or creations in space (see "Cycle")…..and the waste , I re-shape into new messages, stories and ideas (see "The 7 works of charity").

I find inspiration in nature, normal life, forms, ways of behaving, people's confrontation with society, religion, politics.

Sculpture is in the first place a challenge with "material" and how "material" behaves in space and the universe.
Playing with volumes and emptiness, light and shadow.

I have a love/hate relationship with "stone".
The moment I make the first cut in the stone and my fingers and skin are covered with a dust layer, the day I do not feel my fingertips any longer due to the polishing of the stone, I often ask myself ..."what am I doing?"
But when I caress the polished surface soft as a babies skin, I look forward to the next challenge.
The starting point is figurative, the final result is a far driven style concept. I want my sculptures to be touched, to be caressed, to match a sensual experience.

My first work in metal found its roots in a overveined, decomposed Chinese lantern. (see Sferen city hall of Kortrijk).
Now I strive for the definition of emptiness, how do you outline emptiness?
As to the shapes and forms, inspiration comes from DNA, all is possible...
So are my shapes and my creations.

Mixed Media:
The inspiration of those works is to be found in our own close society. Conflicts within political and religious groups, changing behaviour, discoveries in science, etc...
Some of my works are made of wasted material.
The moment I notice an abundance of the same material, it get stored in my mind and becomes a source of creativity (see "The 7 works of Charity").

Admired artists:
The artists I admire all have contributed (and some still do), willing or not, to my actual form of Art.
They compose the ingredients for the matrix of my work.
E.g.: Isamu Noguchi, Brancusi, Moore, David, Magritte, Jeroen Bosch, Raffaël, Keith Haring, Pei, Wright, Gehry, Alvar Aalto, Starck, Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake and many others.